Sunday, July 14, 2013

Feel free to answer

There are so many things in the world that I just don't get. I thought maybe if I compiled all f my thoughts I could get some answers. So feel free friends.

#1. You know when you're watching a movie and somebody has a baby and it's covered in what appears to be like afterbirth or something?  Who would do that?  Like how much money would you have to be offered to cover your newborn baby in some crap for a movie?  That's disgusting.

#2. Ketchup + Mayo = Fancy Sauce. I'm not a mayo fan, in fact I hate it. Some how though the mixture of the two is amazing. Why has nobody bottled this?

#3. June from Honey BooBoo. I'm she mentally handicapped?  Is she/the show a complete joke?  What a bunch of hoosiers. I'm embarrassed to be an American when I watch this show. (Ditto on Duck Dynasty)

#4. McDonald's chicken mcnuggets. Nasty shit. It's seriously disgusting. Google whats inside them. It's like some foam crap. It's not even meat. They don't deny it, yet people buy them for their children on a daily basis. Why?  Why?  Why?  My poor kids are denied access to mcnuggets/mcfullofshit.

#5. So Miranda had a baby with Steve and named him Brady. So after they ended up getting married did Miranda actually take Steve's last name?  Is Brady's name still Brady Hobbs or is it Brady Brady?
(If you don't know what I'm talking about then you missed a great piece of American television history).

#6. Liking things on FB. Ok this one really drives me insane. Quit with the cures for cancer, going to Disney World, if I get 10,000 likes she'll marry me, I can get a dog if you like this. For the love of a god......stop!  Obviously this doesn't work, it clogs my newsfeed. Not to mention that it just sounds stupid.

#7. Hatred for the Kardashians. This is a particularly sore subject in my house. Nick despises the Kardashians. I don't know why people hate them so much. Frankly I think some of them are closet Kardashian watchers. Let me just point out that they have the highest ratings on E!  Obviously somebody's watching them. I don't recall them ever claiming to be talented. A large television audience became intrigued with them and made them famous.
(Just for the record I'm a Khloe fan)

#8. Pajamas in public. If you do this.....I don't understand you. I'm not talking yoga pants here. I'm talking obvious nighttime attire. It is NOT ok, it's just hoosier.

#9.  Celebrity endorsed products. I can 100% guarantee you that Sarah Jessica Parker isn't dying her hair with Garnier Nutrisse. Kate Hudson isn't slapping Almay all over her face. Drew Barrymore isn't painting her face with Cover Girl. It just isn't happening. Do consumers really think so?

#10. Murderers. Ugh.....I'm scared of them. Sometimes I wonder if I've unknowingly befriended one. You know like gave them some change at the gas station because they were short, or started a conversation while waiting in line at the store. I secretly always wonder if their a cannibal and ewwwwww eat people. Maybe my mind wandering goes too far.

#11. Languages. Why the hell are there so many and who was in charge of making them up?  Who invented the alphabet and figured out all those sounds and then not only remembered them but taught them to other people.  That seems like a big Project. The world would be easier if we could have narrowed it down to two or three.

#12. David Blane....mind freak. This guy boggles my mind. How does he do the things he's done?  If you don't know who he is I recommend googling him.

I'd appreciate some answers if you have them.

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