Sunday, September 16, 2012

N S E W....this blog's going in too many directions

this sums it up
How can summer be over already? 
I love summer.  I love 100 + temperatures.  I love the sunshine.  I love daylight that lasts late into the evening.  I love the sound of baseball on the radio, the smell of people barbecuing, pruney little fingers and toes from being in the pool all day long, and the feeling of exhaustion after a day of yard work.  And now it's over.  Boo.  I loved this summer in particular.  So many things happened. 
*My best friend found out she's having a baby.  After 3 years of fertility treatments and 2 days shy of undergoing surgery by fluke she took a pregnancy test and saw something she thought she'd never see.  +  Amazing.  I picked up my phone and saw 19 missed phone calls and 1 text.  As I picked up my phone to read the text she called again and said "did you see that?".  After prompted me to check the text she hung up on me.  I opened the pic, called her back and confirmed we saw the same +.  Then she said "I have to go.  Andy's home and I'm not allowed to tell anyone".  Click.  WTH?  She's now almost 5 months pregnant and tomorrow they find out if it's a boy or girl.  Thankfully I'm high on the list so she's been given the green light to call me asap.  (dr. ewing it's just that important that i might have to ditch you during an intense procedure).  I can't wait to love this baby.  Kim has loved my kids beyond words.  They adore her.  There's something about watching and playing with your best friends kids.  There's a connection....and they know....they understand the bond you have with their mom.  (MaryJane and know how much I love you.  Muah).  Anyway....hurry up February! 
*My baby turned 5.  I still can't believe I'm baby/toddler/preschooler-less.  Ava's a mess, but the little lady has me wrapped around her finger.  I definitely understand the whole "momma's baby" thing now.  The plays me like a fiddle.....and I don't care.
*My dad decided to take his girls to Florida.  My mom, Lauren, Ava, my sister and yours truly.  Lots of fun.  I don't think my sister will ever vacation with us again.  My dad told my mom that they needed another vacation. too.  Lauren loves the ocean and became obsessed with the bogey board.  Ava just wanted to hang out on the sandbar.  I didn't know that's where sharks hang out.  Ignorance is bliss.  We didn't get attacked by any sharks, but I did defeat my fear of the water.  (we all know that the stupidest things terrify me.  oceans, rivers, water i can't see through, fish, butterflies and birds.  i know, i know.  i take shit for it all the time.  but step at a time).
*The girls returned to school.  I'm still not sure how I have a daughter in 5th grade and
one in kindergarten.  Lauren excels in school and Ava....well she doesn't comment on her schooldays.
God help her teacher.  I think she's coming around.  She's had good behavior the last 2 weeks and got to go to the treasure chest.  I wasn't sure how I felt about being kidless on Fridays.  It's been 10-1/2 years since I've had a chunk of time all to myself on a consistent basis.  Turns out....I really, really like it. 
*My dear friends Tim and Leah welcomed their first baby, Luke, into the world 10 weeks early. 
This little guy's a fighter.  4lbs.  Has been breathing on his own since day one and growing stronger everyday.  Next Saturday I'm throwing her a baby shower.  It's my baby shower debut.  I nailed the wedding showers.  I could plan one in my sleep, this is new territory.  I'm going for a classic nursery rhyme theme.  Nobody makes decor for this theme.  I've completed the handmade banner, baby blocks, invitations, table decorations.  I've stumbled upon the most amazing cake.  It looks like
a story book.  I had nursery rhymes printed on edible paper.  Here's the scary part....I'm making it.  God help me.  I can't wait to give Leah the blanket I had made for her.  Finally I thought of something to do with the tons of bridesmaid blankets.  I hope she likes it.
*In two weeks my sweet little Lucas and I officially become Godmother/Godson.  I think this is a huge deal.  I love that baby beyond words.  He's amazing.  I love his laugh, his smile, his slobber, the way he flaps his arms and legs when I walk into the room.  If he could run to me he would.  I love that he loves me.  I love that he reaches for me.  He's got me wrapped around his finger for sure.
Anyway that's the last 3 months in a nutshell.  Doesn't look like a lot but it was pretty dramatic and jam packed.  If I could hit the rewind button I would.  There's so many things I'd love to write about that's happened.  Somethings have to be left for my memoir.  So for now I'll simply
say thank you.  I think there's definitely some unfinished business.  I think there always will be. 
I have as many thought running through my head as footprints in that sand.
Sorry about the randomness of this blog.  Most definitely not my finest.  That's what happens on hangover Sunday.  Oh more thing.  (and this is my blog so i can say whatever i want and
not take any shit for it)  4 MORE YEARS!  YOU BET YO MOMMA I'M VOTIN' OBAMA.