Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The hey buddy story

I've felt like an ass several times in my life, but this....top 5.
This blog is totally for my BF Carrie. She tells this story every chance she gets.

When Lauren was little we went to Suson Park all the time.  One Friday afternoon while walking back to our car I noticed a bus loading a group of mentally challenged adults. Now being the observant person that I am AND concerned member of the community I noticed a man standing a short distance from the bus. The leader of the group was getting ready to close the door, but she was forgetting this one guy. All I could think about was my cousin Clark who is mentally challenged and hoped that someone would point out to him that he was about to miss his ride. He would have in clue how to get help to find his way home. This poor guy was about to be left behind. Without hesitation I approached the man and said (this is the quote that haunts me)..."hey buddy!  I think your ride is leaving without you". He slowly looked up at me from staring at the ground (which he had been doing the entire time) and said "um I'm not with those people". Ooooooo mah gawd. Boom went the dynamite.....not mentally challenged. Not in the least. Huge ass. Foot in mouth. Shoe leather tastes good. Son of a bitch. WTF?  Way to go idiot....way. to. go.

So that's the "Hey Buddy" story. Anytime someone that knows the story and hears me say "buddy" they crack up. Hey buddy.....what the hell Nichole?  And that's why I stopped being nice.